Hey Candy Store

Hey Candy® is a new and exciting confectionary brand offering premium products through an array of channels, including Hey Candy® Store situated in selective locations throughout UK and Ireland.  

Hey Candy, is an exciting new confectionary brand. Our mission is to provide the world with a one-stop shop for amazing treats and fantastic service!

Hey Candy, have created a selection of premium confectionary products that we cannot wait to showcase to the world. Our products have been created with love and attention to detail to ensure our customers remeber the first time they tasted Hey Candy.

In addition to online, we plan to launch Hey Candy Stores in selected shopping centres throughout Ireland and the UK with the first locations to go live in Q2 2022. 

Hey Candy® Store offers customers premium Candy products in an array of options including Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten Free, Halal.

Full Automated

Kiosk sends stock management notifications to Clearhill. 


Contactless payment only reduces, friction for customer.

Touch Screen

Touch screen Video Display showcasing our product range. 

Candy Options For All


Fizz Free



Gluten Free


Range of Different Sizes

Snack Pouch (250g)

Share Pouch (500g)

King (1kg)

Ultimate (2Kg)