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Cleargift Platform

Boost your shopping centre’s performance with Cleargift – an all-in-one platform that makes gift card programs simple and seamless. Tailor your gift card program to your centre’s unique needs and brand identity. Track your program’s success with our advanced analytics and reporting tools, and optimize your marketing strategies with data-driven insights.

Cleargift Platform Benefits

brand loyalty

Enhance brand loyalty

Elevate your brand's loyalty and customer experience with Cleargift's comprehensive gift card program.

powerful reporting

Maximise sales

Maximise retail sales with ease - Cleargift's gift card platform offers custom programs that incentivise customer behaviour, such as repeat purchases, for optimal results.

account management

Full end to end solution and support

From start to success, Cleargift provides end-to-end gift card solutions and ongoing support for centres.


Powerful reporting

Optimise your gift card program and drive sales growth with Cleargift's powerful reporting capabilities.

Account Management

Partner with us for personalised support and dedicated account management.

Elevate your sales, loyalty, and customer experience with Cleargift’s Private Label gift card platform – the ideal solution for shopping centres and retailers. Our dedicated Account Managers work with you to create customised solutions that reflect your brand and create a total experience. With a comprehensive service infrastructure spanning the UK and Ireland, we strive to provide the best customer experience.

Meet our Commercial Team

Introducing our experienced account management team that can assist in growing your centre with our gift card solutions.

Brian McAreavey

Commercial Director

Danny Evans

Commercial Manager

Real-Time Analytics

Empower your marketing with informed decisions and drive growth.

Cleargift’s comprehensive gift card solutions framework combines the power of our own cloud-based portal system, allowing centres to access real-time and historic insights on the value of their program and points of sale. Additionally, Cleargift’s experienced account managers are available to assist businesses in understanding industry data and trends, using these key indicators to drive growth and maximise program success.

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