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About Cleargift Till

Transform your gift card sales process with Cleargift Till, a seamless solution that is simpler, faster, and safer than ever before. The Cleargift Till solution is easier, faster and safer and integrates with your existing Gift Card platform. It consists of PC software, a receipt printer and a card dispenser. All transactions are traceable through our web portal to streamline accounting requirements.

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Cleargift Till Features

easy to use

Simplified gift card sales

Cleargift's seamless solution streamlines the gift card sales process, making it simpler and faster for both customers and staff.

improved security

Improved security

Cleargift's Till solution enhances security measures with traceable transactions through a web portal, ensuring a safer gift card sales process.

platform integration

Integration with existing platform

Cleargift's Till solution integrates with your existing Gift Card platform, reducing the need for additional software and making it easier to manage gift card programs.

streamlined accounting

Streamlined accounting

The traceable transactions through Cleargift's web portal streamline accounting requirements, reducing administrative time and improving accuracy.

VariPOS 250/270 (PE20)

A POS built for the future


Multi-touch Screen

Waterproof – IP66 on Front Panel

Quick & Easy Maintenance

cleargift till
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