Cleargift Webshop

Unlock new sales potential with an online gift card channel for your program.

About the

Cleargift Webshop

The Cleargift webshop allows centres to sell gift cards online and increase footfall by offering customers the option to collect them from a kiosk at the centre. This added convenience and easy-to-use design seamlessly integrates with a centre’s existing website, replicating its look and feel, and can help drive additional foot traffic to the centre.

Cleargift Webshop Features

Increase Sales

Expand your sales with convenience and flexibility - Add an online store for easy gift card purchases and contribute to shopping centre growth.

Increase Footfall

Drive footfall with a Webshop - allowing customers to purchase gift cards online and conveniently collect them at your centre's kiosk.

Simple integration

Seamlessly integrate with your existing website and replicate your brand's look and feel with Cleargift's Webshop - driving additional foot traffic to your centre.

Click and Collect

Customers can send personalised gift cards to their recipients via email or SMS, driving footfall to your shopping centre's gift card kiosk and increasing sales.

Click and Collect

Enhance customer satisfaction with added convenience at every touchpoint.

Cleargift’s online solution streamlines the gift card sales process by offering a completely automated system for both sales and card pick-up. After completing an online purchase, the recipient receives a personalised message via email or SMS, directing them to the centre’s gift card kiosk for collection. At the kiosk, customers can easily retrieve their physical card by scanning the QR code on their digital card, making the process even more seamless and convenient.

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