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Cleargift Kiosk

The Cleargift Kiosk is a practical and effective solution for shopping centres looking to streamline their gift card sales function. This standalone point of sale (POS) system is fully automated, allowing customers to purchase gift cards quickly and easily without the need for staff assistance. With our kiosks, shopping centre staff can focus on other important tasks, confident that the gift card sales process is being efficiently handled. This kiosk is user-friendly, providing customers with a seamless and intuitive experience when purchasing gift cards. With a sleek design and the ability to customise branding and promotional messaging, the Cleargift Kiosk is an attractive addition to any shopping centre. By automating the gift card sales function, shopping centres can improve operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

Cleargift Kiosk Benefits

easy to use

Easy to use

Effortlessly elevate customer satisfaction with Cleargift Kiosk - the simple solution for hassle-free gift card purchases.

powerful reporting

Powerful reporting

Unlock customer insights with Cleargift reporting dashboard - empowering you to optimize your gift card sales strategy with data-driven decision-making.

eCommerce integration

eCommerce Integration

Experience the convenience of the Cleargift webshop and click-and-collect feature - giving your customers the flexibility to buy gift cards online and pick them up in person, all in one seamless experience.

account management

Account Management

Partner with us and unlock a personalised experience - our dedicated Account Managers will work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver custom solutions that align with your brand vision.

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