Wild Boat

HEIGHT 155cm WIDTH 80cm LENGHT 195cm WEIGHT 118kg
Wild Boat rear view

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Embark on an exciting adventure through the jungle with our Wild Boat Kiddie Ride! Climb aboard the boat and prepare to navigate the river, where you’ll encounter a variety of exotic animals. Keep your eyes peeled and your reflexes sharp because it’s up to you to spot and capture these magnificent creatures!

As you cruise along, be on the lookout for the animals that appear along the riverbanks. When you spot one, quickly press the light button to illuminate the scene and earn valuable points. Test your observation skills and aim for a high score as you collect as many points as possible!

Our Wild Boat Kiddie Ride is designed to provide an immersive experience, complete with captivating lights, realistic sounds, and lifelike movement. Feel the excitement and thrill of being in the heart of the jungle as you navigate the winding river and encounter the diverse wildlife.

This interactive ride not only offers entertainment but also provides an educational element. Children will have the opportunity to learn about different exotic animals and develop their recognition skills as they sail through the jungle.

Get ready for a wild adventure like no other with our Wild Boat Kiddie Ride. With its scenic effects and engaging gameplay, it’s an experience that will keep children entertained and captivated. So, hop on board and set sail on a thrilling expedition through the jungle!

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