Twin Giga

H 1965mm x W 900mm x L 1775mm
twin giga

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Introducing the Twin Giga Claw Machine, an exciting and engaging arcade game that offers double the fun and double the chances to win amazing prizes, including licensed character merchandise. This impressive machine is identical to our popular Winner Crane, but with the added thrill of two simultaneous gameplay experiences.

The Twin Giga Claw Machine is designed to captivate visitors and provide them with an unforgettable gaming experience. With its eye-catching FunHub branding and vibrant show lights, it instantly attracts attention and creates a lively atmosphere in any location. The machine’s sleek and modern design adds to its visual appeal, making it a standout feature in arcades, amusement parks, and entertainment venues.

Players will love the intuitive three-button controls of the Twin Giga Claw Machine, which make it easy to navigate and operate. Whether they’re beginners or experienced crane game enthusiasts, they can quickly grasp the gameplay mechanics and start having fun right away. The twin configuration allows two players to play simultaneously, increasing the excitement and fostering friendly competition.

The Twin Giga Claw Machine is stocked with an enticing selection of prizes, including licensed character merchandise that appeals to players of all ages. From popular superheroes to beloved animated characters, there’s something for everyone to covet. The thrill of successfully grabbing a coveted prize with the claw adds to the excitement and satisfaction of the gameplay.

To enhance the overall experience, the Twin Giga Claw Machine features fun and energetic music that fills the air. The upbeat tunes create a lively ambience, adding to the anticipation and enjoyment of the game. Players can immerse themselves in the catchy melodies as they strategize and aim for the ultimate win.

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