Funny Eggs

HEIGHT 170 cm WIDTH 87 cm LENGHT 1s5cm WEIGHT 120 kg
Funny Eggs

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Get ready for an egg-citing experience with the Funny Eggs Kiddie Ride! This ride challenges riders to gather eggs and accumulate points, but it’s not as easy as it seems when the tractor starts moving.

The ride guarantees fun for all ages, captivating both children and adults. With its simple yet eye-catching design, the Funny Eggs Kiddie Ride is sure to attract attention and spark curiosity.

Enriching the experience are the captivating lights, lively music, and engaging sound effects. These elements create a vibrant and immersive atmosphere, adding to the overall enjoyment of the ride.

Embark on a thrilling egg-collecting journey with this kiddie ride. Experience the joy of chasing after eggs, accumulating points, and enjoying the exciting lights, music, and sound effects along the way. Fun is guaranteed for riders of all ages!

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