Go Go Pony

0.66m wide x 1.41m deep x 1.65m tall
Go Go Pony

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Introducing the captivating Go Go Pony Kiddie Ride, a one-of-a-kind, illuminated, and interactive rocker that will enchant young riders!

Combining quality, entertainment, and modern design, the Go Go Pony offers an exceptional ride experience. Starting with the classic rocking function, this ride goes beyond expectations by providing interactive fun for children. With full control over the actions of the rider, young adventurers can immerse themselves in a virtual game displayed on the impressive 19″ LCD screen.

Experience the joy of riding and gaming with the Go Go Pony Kiddie Ride. Its unique features, beautiful lighting, and interactive elements create an engaging and thrilling experience for children. Let their imaginations run wild as they rock and control the virtual actions of the rider, all within this remarkable ride.

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