Hanks Ice Cream

Height: 1600mm Width: 820mm Length: 1450mm
Hanks Ice Cream

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Get ready to serve up endless scoops of fun on the Hanks Ice Cream Kiddie Ride. Children can climb aboard this captivating ride and indulge in their imagination as they become ice cream vendors, creating delightful treats to their hearts’ content.

At the back of the ride, an interactive flashing ice cream menu awaits, capturing the attention and excitement of young riders. With a colourful selection of buttons, children can interact with the menu, adding a touch of interactivity to their journey. As the ride rocks along, their imaginations will soar, imagining the joy of serving up delicious ice creams to eager customers.

Join the ice cream adventure with the Hanks Ice Cream Kiddie Ride. Its interactive flashing menu, colourful buttons, and rocking motion create an immersive and enjoyable experience for children. Let their creativity and imagination take the wheel as they embark on this delectable ride!

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