London Bus

London Bus

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Introducing the iconic London Bus Kiddie Ride, a classic red ride that captures the spirit of the famous London double-decker buses! Get ready for a delightful adventure on this timeless kiddie ride.

The London Bus Kiddie Ride is designed for shared enjoyment, accommodating up to three young passengers at once. With two steering wheels available, children can take turns being the captain of their imaginary bus, adding an element of interactive fun and encouraging cooperative play.

Immerse yourself in the experience with interactive sound and LED lights that bring the London Bus to life. The realistic sound effects and vibrant LED lights create an engaging atmosphere, enhancing the sense of being on a bustling city tour. From the honking of horns to the bustling sounds of a busy street, young riders will feel like they’re navigating the streets of London.

To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone, the London Bus Kiddie Ride offers adjustable sound volume. This feature allows parents, guardians, and operators to tailor the audio to a suitable level, accommodating the preferences and sensitivities of young riders.

Height: 162cm | 63.77in
Length: 175cm | 68.89in
Width: 91cm | 35.82in
Weight: 145kg | 319.67Ib

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