Peppa Pig Helicopter

SIZES cm. 156x123xH170 WEIGHT 140kg/308,6lb NUMBER OF PLAYERS 1 kid 3-6 years
Peppa Pig Helicopter - side

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Soar to new heights of imagination with the Peppa Pig Helicopter Kiddie Ride. This delightful ride takes young adventurers on a high-flying journey with the beloved cartoon character, Queen Peppa. The cockpit faithfully reproduces the look of a real helicopter, offering an immersive experience for the young aviators.

As the ride takes off, an interactive monitor adds an extra layer of excitement, allowing children to feel like they are part of Peppa’s airborne escapade. LED lights illuminate the helicopter, creating a vibrant and visually engaging atmosphere. The accompanying sounds enhance the sensory experience, making every moment of the ride truly magical.

Designed to capture the dreams and fun of all children, the Peppa Pig Helicopter Kiddie Ride is not just a ride; it’s a thrilling adventure through the skies with Peppa Pig as the perfect co-pilot. Let young imaginations take flight with this enchanting and entertaining kiddie ride.

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