Pony Express

HEIGHT 140 cm WIDTH 90 cm LENGHT 186 cm WEIGHT 105 kg
Pony Express

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Experience the Wild West adventure with our Pony Express Kiddie Ride! This vibrant and captivating ride brings the spirit of the frontier to life, allowing children to embark on an exhilarating horseback journey.

Inspired by the iconic Pony Express, this large and beautifully designed horse captures the essence of the Wild West with its eye-catching colours and authentic details. Its size and dynamic movements make it appealing not only to younger riders but also to older children seeking an exciting escapade.

As children hop on this magnificent steed, they will feel the thrill of riding through the open plains. The Pony Express Kiddie Ride features alternating trotting and galloping movements, providing a realistic and immersive experience that ignites the imagination.

To enhance the adventure, the ride is accompanied by spirited and adventurous music, setting the stage for an epic ride through the frontier. The captivating melodies transport riders to a world of daring cowboys, wide open spaces, and thrilling pursuits.

With its bold design, engaging movements, and exhilarating soundtrack, the Pony Express Kiddie Ride offers an unforgettable journey into the Wild West. Young riders can let their imaginations run wild as they become intrepid pioneers, racing across the prairie on their trusty steed.

Get ready to saddle up and experience the excitement of the Wild West on our Pony Express Kiddie Ride. Whether it’s a gentle trot or a spirited gallop, this ride will captivate riders of all ages with its vibrant colours, dynamic movements, and adventurous music. So, hop on and let the journey begin!

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