Roary the Racing Car

Width: 670mmx Height: 680mmx Length: 1360mm
Roary the Racing Car

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Introducing the Roary the Racing Car Kiddie Ride, inspired by the beloved TV show that has captured the hearts of kids everywhere. Get ready to join Roary and his racing adventures in this exciting ride!

As soon as the ride starts, the familiar theme song of Roary the Racing Car fills the air, immersing young riders in the world of speed and excitement. The catchy tune will have them humming and singing along as they embark on their own racing adventure.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. This kiddie ride offers an interactive experience that allows riders to engage with Roary himself. Both the riders and the Video Option feature a special effect button that, when pressed, unleashes Roary’s iconic quotes. Kids can enjoy hearing Roary’s energetic and encouraging voice, adding an extra layer of entertainment to their ride.

With Roary the Racing Car Kiddie Ride, children can feel like they’re part of Roary’s racing team, experiencing the thrill and camaraderie of the show. The combination of the theme song, interactive sound effects, and Roary’s quotes creates an immersive and engaging adventure that will keep young riders entertained and delighted.

Join Roary and his friends on the racetrack as you take a spin on the Roary the Racing Car Kiddie Ride. Feel the excitement, hear the cheers, and let your imagination race with this thrilling and memorable experience.

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