Roley & Bob

Width: 900mmx Height: 1400mmx Length: 1300mm
Roley & Bob

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Introducing the Roley & Bob Kiddie Ride, inspired by the popular Bob the Builder series! This exciting ride features Roley, the friendly green roller, with Bob standing alongside on the outside. Children will have a blast joining Bob and Roley on their construction adventures!

The vibrant green roller serves as the centrepiece of the ride, capturing the essence of Roley’s character. With Bob standing nearby, young builders will feel like they’re part of Bob’s team, ready to take on any construction project that comes their way.

Interactive buttons on the ride allow children to prompt quotes from both Bob and Scoop, adding an extra layer of engagement and excitement. Kids can press these buttons and hear familiar phrases from their favourite characters, making the experience even more immersive and interactive.

As the ride rocks gently back and forth, children will be accompanied by the iconic Bob the Builder theme tune, filling the air with catchy music that sets the stage for construction fun. And of course, the ever-popular phrase “Can we fix it?” will ring out, inspiring young builders to join in and embrace their role as problem solvers.

The Roley Bob Kiddie Ride combines imaginative play, interactive elements, and gentle rocking motion to create an exciting and enjoyable experience for children. Whether they’re fans of the TV show or simply love construction play, kids will have a fantastic time riding alongside Bob and Roley.

So hop on board the Roley Bob Kiddie Ride and let the construction adventures begin! Get ready to rock and roll with Bob and Roley as you embark on exciting building missions and create your own construction stories.

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