Sky Rescue Evolution

H 1800mm x W 900mm x L 900mm Ref. KR004 Single Player Sounds & Music Family Favourite
Sky Rescue 2

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Prepare for a thrilling experience as children take on the role of brave helicopter pilots. The Sky Rescue Kiddie Ride features a captivating design that resembles a rescue helicopter, complete with vibrant colours and realistic details. This immersive ride allows young adventurers to engage in exciting rescue missions and save the day.

With its unique electromechanical lift movement, the helicopter ride adds an extra level of excitement and realism. Children can feel the thrill of soaring through the air as they navigate their way to rescue missions and come to the aid of those in need. The ride is designed to accommodate two users, allowing friends or siblings to share the adventure. This promotes cooperation and social interaction, as they work together to complete their daring rescue missions.

A prominent feature of this ride is the 7″ LCD/TFT screen, which serves as a captivating window to the action-packed world of aerial rescue. The screen displays dynamic visuals, bringing the helicopter ride to life and immersing children in their thrilling missions. Whether it’s flying over breath taking landscapes or saving people in distress, the LCD screen enhances the overall experience.

To further enhance the ride’s visual appeal, LED lights are incorporated into the design. These vibrant lights illuminate the helicopter, creating an eye-catching display that adds to the excitement and atmosphere of the adventure.

Accompanying the visuals, the Sky Rescue Kiddie Ride also features captivating sound effects that make the experience even more immersive. From helicopter rotor sounds to rescue mission dialogues, the audio elements transport children into the world of daring rescue operations.

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