Trico Train

Height: 134 cm | 52.75 in Length: 165 cm | 64.96 in Width: 73 cm | 28.74 in Weight: 86 kg | 189.60 lb
Trico Train

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Introducing the Trico Train Kiddie Ride, a fantastic locomotive train ride that promises a delightful experience for young adventurers.

Step aboard this charming locomotive train and discover a world of fun and excitement. Designed with accessibility in mind, the Trico Train Kiddie Ride offers easy access for children to hop on and enjoy the ride. With a spacious design, it can accommodate up to two riders, allowing friends or siblings to embark on the journey together.

Prepare to be amazed by the mesmerizing LED lights that adorn the ride. The vibrant colours and dynamic lighting effects create a visually stunning atmosphere, capturing the imagination of riders and adding an extra layer of magic to the experience.

Whether it’s a thrilling adventure through imaginary landscapes or a relaxing ride through scenic routes, the ride is sure to captivate young hearts and minds. Get ready for a memorable journey as children embark on their very own locomotive adventure, filled with joy, laughter, and endless possibilities.

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