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Funhub App Black Friday promotion

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After the FunHub app launch in May, we have been seeking ways to use it to add value for our end users. Upon launch, we could give cashback to our users who paid for kiddie rides, for example, through the app. Since October, the team has been using a mix of push and in-app notifications to inform users about giveaways and offers with great success. In November, for the first time since the app’s launch, we had the opportunity to launch a promotion for our customers based on a sales event in the retail sector – Black Friday, further adding value to the user experience.

Our Black Friday Promotion

To follow the trend of the last few years, we launched our Black Friday promotion on November 20th, running until November 27th. Upon review, we noted that our most popular package was 12 Funcoins, the digital currency we created for purchases through the app, for £/€10. For Black Friday, this changed to 15 Funcoins and a new package of 23 Funcoins for £/€15 added. We promoted these offers via push notifications, in-app notifications, and social media.


Over the week, we saw an uplift of 47% in the number of Funcoin packages sold compared to the week prior and a 144% increase in the volume of Funcoins purchased.

Why is this significant to our market?

The FunHub App is one of a kind in our market, allowing us to offer added value to the users of our FunHub estate, including kiddie rides and claw machines, with cashback, promotions, giveaways, or important notifications. The marketing activity we have launched over the last few months has shown that we can grab their attention and convert sales through the app, opening doors to other opportunities and adding even more value! Push and in-app notifications have now been added to our 2024 Marketing Plan to inform users of plush changes, promotions, giveaways and more.

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