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Lakeside Village

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We are pleased to announce our latest partnership with Lakeside Village in Doncaster. Lakeside Village, managed by outlet specialists Realm, boasts more than 45 brand-name retailers with a footfall of more than 2 million visitors annually.Lakeside Spydero

Having partnered with Realm in other locations throughout the UK, Clearhill was the natural choice to enhance the centre’s leisure vending operation through innovations such as the FunHub App, annual equipment refreshes and more.

“Having known of Lakeside Village from our long-standing presence within Doncaster, I was delighted to be approached by the centre and enable us to tailor a solution that meets the needs of their unique retail setting. Introducing marquee leisure vending equipment such as our traditional Horse Carousel 1900 provides us with the opportunity to delight their customers whilst Lakeside Mickeymaximising commercial value for the centre’s stakeholders,” says Danny Evans, Head of Partnerships.

With Clearhill, Lakeside Village has benefitted from the streamlined end-to-end management of rides, carousels, and photo booths all from one supplier. Contact Danny today to see what Clearhill could do for your mall space.



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