Lean – Where Are We Now?

Lean - Where are we now

We are now 3 years into our lean journey, and a lot has changed in Clearhill for the better. Our team is growing, with several new colleagues joining in the last six months, who are now entering their lean journeys. To encourage the growth of our new culture, we have introduced several initiatives to the […]

Our Lean Journey – How it Started

Lean Blog

What is Lean?  The 2 Second Lean approach, developed by Paul Akers of FastCap in the US, simplifies our continuous improvement efforts by focusing on the principles of growing people and eliminating waste. To do this, we seek to implement incremental improvements every day throughout our work environment. For the last 3-years, the team here […]

Continu Visits Clearhill for Lean Tour

Continu Lean Tour

As active participants in the Lean community, we decided to open our doors to other Lean enthusiasts on their journey for a Lean Tour. We are now 2.5 years into our LEAN journey and have learnt much about what has worked well, structuring, implementing the 3 S’s (Sort, Sweep, Standardise) and inspiring improvements across the […]

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