Crystal Train Carousel

Power 380W Plug Type 220V/110V  Size 142+142+150CM
Crystal Train Carousel

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Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the enchanting Crystal Train Carousel, a marvel of wonder and magic! This fantastical ride features an awe-inspiring design reminiscent of a crystalline wonderland, with every detail intricately crafted to transport riders into a realm of wonder. Inside the crystal ball, passengers will feel as though they’re aboard a deluxe fiberglass train, traversing through a snowy landscape where each snowflake dances and glistens, adding to the whimsical charm. This dual-seated carousel offers an interactive experience with a variety of engaging and delightful small toys, providing an extra layer of entertainment. With its 20cm ultra-low safety chassis, this ride ensures a secure and delightful adventure for young riders, promising an unforgettable and enchanting journey through the world of the Crystal Train Carousel.

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