Jungle Around Carousel

Jungle Around Carousel

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Embark on a whimsical journey with our Jungle Around Carousel Kiddie Ride, a magical experience designed for young adventurers. This touch-voice interactive ride brings surprise and fun to a whole new level. With a smart system control ensuring a gentle start and stop without the need for a transducer, safety is paramount with the DC motor.

Featuring three enchanting pony horses that shine with allure, this carousel captivates with its attractive design. The built-in shining disco light LED effect adds a dynamic element, creating a dazzling spectacle. The transparent shining fiberglass enhances the visual appeal, making it not just a carousel but also a beautiful, radiant scenery. Bring joy and wonder to the little ones as they embark on a delightful ride through the Jungle Around Carousel Kiddie Ride.

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