Mini Winner Prize Every Time

Height: 1850mm Width: 760mm Depth: 800mm
mini winner side

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Introducing the Mini Winner Prize Every Time Claw Machine, where every player is guaranteed to be a winner! With its sleek grey design, fun branding, and vibrant lights, this claw machine is set to captivate players of all ages.

Unlike traditional claw machines, the Mini Winner Prize Every Time Claw Machine offers a unique experience by ensuring that every player walks away with a prize. It’s the ultimate attraction that brings joy and excitement to everyone who tries their luck.

The slick grey design of the machine adds a touch of modernity and elegance to any venue. Its eye-catching appearance is sure to grab the attention of passersby, enticing them to step up and take a shot at winning a prize.

With its playful branding, the Mini Winner Prize Every Time Claw Machine creates an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. Players will be drawn in by the promise of walking away with a prize, making each attempt even more thrilling.

The machine is equipped with vibrant lights that illuminate the playing area, adding a dynamic and visually stunning element to the experience. The lights create an engaging ambiance and enhance the overall excitement as players maneuver the claw to grab their desired prize.

Height: 1850mm

Width: 760mm

Depth: 800mm

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