Eco Freddy

H 1800mm x W 900mm x L 900mm Ref. KR004 Single Player Sounds & Music Family Favourite
Eco Freddie Kiddie Ride

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Introducing Eco Freddy, the interactive recycling truck-style kiddie ride that combines education and fun! Children will love this ride as they embark on an exciting adventure while learning about recycling. The interactive video game challenges them to choose the correct bin for recycling different items, fostering environmental awareness and promoting hand-eye coordination. The internal 22″ screen displays vibrant graphics, captivating young riders, while dynamic sound effect buttons enhance the immersive experience. Eco Freddy encourages children and their friends to join the fun of recycling, fostering teamwork and exciting adventures. Crafted from durable, self-coloured fibreglass with an attractive gel coating, this ride can be customized to suit any entertainment or retail environment.

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