Racing Car Challenge

H: 51.5″, W: 33.5″, L: 57″ Weight:320 lbs.
Racing Car Challenge

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Experience the thrill of the Racing Car Challenge Kiddie Ride, an interactive racing adventure that takes the excitement to the next level. This exhilarating ride, recognized as the esteemed “Best New Product” at the IAAPA 2013 Show, combines the joy of a traditional kiddie ride with the engaging elements of a video game.

Get ready to hit the tracks with the Racing Car Challenge by Falgas. Designed with a vibrant race car theme, this ride captures the imagination of young racers. With two seats available, it accommodates both solo drivers and friendly competitions between two riders.

The highlight of the Racing Car Challenge is the immersive video game called “Nitro Jump Challenge.” Displayed on a panoramic 17″ LCD monitor, the game features bright and captivating graphics that transport players into a thrilling world. As they take the wheel, their on-screen characters bounce up platforms, collecting car parts to build their dream racing car. This interactive gameplay not only entertains but also incentivizes riders to come back for more, aiming for higher scores and better cars.

The ride’s gentle swimming motion is expertly tuned to suit children’s preferences, adding a delightful sensation to the experience. Feel the excitement as you navigate through virtual tracks and compete against your friends or beat your personal best.

With built-in steering wheels, each player has full control over their racing action, enhancing the sense of involvement and allowing for precise manoeuvres. The digital sounds and music further elevate the immersive atmosphere, immersing riders in the high-speed racing world.

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