Peppa Pig Car

H 1800mm x W 900mm x L 900mm Ref. KR004 Single Player Sounds & Music Family Favourite
peppa pig kiddie ride

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Introducing our Peppa Pig Car kiddie ride, featuring the beloved and globally recognised character, Peppa Pig. As one of the most famous kids’ TV characters in the world, children will instantly connect with her and eagerly request a ride.
Immerse yourself in the world of Peppa Pig as the ride plays the cheerful theme music, inviting kids to hum along and join the fun. To enhance the experience, the ride also produces authentic car noises, creating an interactive and engaging atmosphere that makes children feel like they’re riding alongside Peppa and George in Daddy Pig’s car.
With its gentle rocking motion, the ride further immerses children in the adventure, as if they were truly exploring Peppa Pig’s vibrant world. As they sit behind the steering wheel, kids can imagine themselves driving through exciting escapades.
Adding to the enjoyment, the ride includes buttons featuring different characters from the TV show. When pressed, these buttons produce delightful noises, bringing the beloved characters to life and sparking imaginative play.
Accommodating two children, there’s plenty of space for little ones to hop in with Peppa and George, creating a shared experience filled with laughter and friendship.
Get ready to embark on a joyful ride with Peppa and her friends. Our Peppa Pig Car kiddie ride captures the essence of the beloved TV show, allowing children to immerse themselves in the delightful world of Peppa Pig.

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