Route 66 Chopper

Width: 90cm Height: 138cm Length: 163cm Weight: 84kg
Route 66 Chopper

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Introducing the Route 66 Chopper Kiddie Ride, a thrilling bike ride that will make kids feel like they’re cruising along the famous Route 66! Get ready for an immersive experience filled with excitement and adventure.

As children hop on the Route 66 Chopper, they’ll be surrounded by an immersive atmosphere created by the background sound that fills the air. The sound captures the spirit of the open road, bringing to life the feeling of riding along the iconic Route 66. With each twist and turn, kids will feel the thrill of the journey.

To further enhance the experience, the ride features two digital interactive speakers. These speakers bring dynamic sound effects, adding to the realism and excitement of the ride. Children can hear the rumble of the engine, the wind whistling past, and other immersive sounds that transport them to the world of motorcycle riding.

Adding a touch of visual flair, the Route 66 Chopper is equipped with a 3-channel light sequencer. This sequencer controls LED lamps positioned strategically on the ride, creating a captivating light display that enhances the overall ambiance. The lights sequence in sync with the ride’s movements, immersing riders in a visually stimulating experience.

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