SpongeBob Kiddie Ride

H 1800mm x W 900mm x L 900mm Ref. KR004 Single Player Sounds & Music Family Favourite
spongebob kiddie ride

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ARE YOU READY KIDS?! Step into the wacky world of SpongeBob SquarePants with our SpongeBob Kiddie Ride! This exciting ride is inspired by the iconic Krabby Patty Wagon from The SpongeBob SquarePants movie, bringing the beloved characters and their hilarious adventures to life.

Take a seat beside SpongeBob himself in the vibrant and eye-catching wagon, with his loyal companion Gary the Snail joining in on the fun from the outside. As the ride begins, get ready to immerse yourself in the infectious energy of SpongeBob’s world.

The ride features a mini sing-along video screen that displays the lyrics to the catchy theme song. Join SpongeBob in a musical adventure as you sing along to the familiar tune, adding an interactive and entertaining element to the ride.

During the attract mode, the theme song plays, immediately capturing the attention of young fans and drawing them into the experience. The colourful and playful design of the ride is sure to catch the eye and invite children to join in on the fun.

Engage your imagination with the interactive sound effects provided by three buttons on the ride. Press the horn button to honk and let everyone know you’re ready for a SpongeBob-style adventure. The bubbles button creates a bubbly and light hearted atmosphere, while the dolphin button adds a touch of underwater whimsy to the experience.


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