Talking Tom Whack a Mole

W74*D71*H190cm Weight: 70kgs
talking tom

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Engage in the lively Talking Tom Whack-a-Mole Sports Game, inspired by the immensely popular children’s TV show, Talking Tom and Friends. This machine boasts enchanting LED lights, an interactive Talking Tom, and progresses through 7 difficulty levels for an evolving challenge.

Game Instructions: Experience an entertaining whack-a-mole game with a whimsical design and a variety of engaging sound effects. The game is straightforward, offering an enjoyable opportunity to enhance quick reaction skills.

How to Play: Players aim to hit the pop-out characters to score within the fixed game time. Each successful hit on a target adds to the score. Special animals provide the chance for continuous hits and extra scores. The difficulty increases as the countdown decreases. The scoring indicator lights up from bottom to top, displaying scores, with game overs signaled when the countdown concludes.

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