Win Fall Revolution

Depth 95 cm Width 76 cm Height 210 cm Weight 250 kg
win fall revolution yellow

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Introducing Win Fall Revolution, a thrilling new prize game that captivates with its stunning aesthetics. With its eye-catching blend of red, blue, and yellow cabinets, Win Fall creates an irresistible visual spectacle. Its vivid LED header lights, combined with a modern transparent design and vibrant interior lighting, instantly attract players’ attention in any shopping center. The transparent cabinet allows passersby to view the mall, making it versatile enough for placement at entrances or as a captivating centerpiece.

The mesmerizing rotating prize pedestal proudly displays an array of exciting prizes. Win Fall offers ample opportunities for players to win. Moreover, the top of the pedestal serves as a prime space to showcase featured prizes, further enhancing the game’s appeal.

Win Fall’s user-friendly gameplay engages players of all ages. Participants need to time their button press skillfully to unclip the prize and drop it into the win zone. This straightforward yet exhilarating mechanic guarantees an enjoyable experience for all.

Featuring a convenient front entry for operators, the game boasts an expansive prize storage area around the playfield, ensuring maximum operational efficiency.

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